The SNOE label-shop is online

The music industry in the 21st century is challenging and it’s hard to survive as a record label as well as an artist if 0,00001€ for a single stream must pay your bills. Creative output from independent artists is what the music landscape keeps interesting, innovative and diverse.

If you are a music lover and esteem the passion and lifeblood we put into “SNOE”, you may be interested in supporting us directly.

How? Thats easy.. Get your music from the source! Don’t just feed the big platform’s, shop’s and distributers with your money. In our very own record shop you can download the newest releases exclusively two weeks before they become available in other online shops.

Dive into our label wear selection and find the style that fits both your nights out and the everyday madness. We have a wide range of carefully selected items with prints designed by “CMYK” especially for us

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