Voltage Musique Records says Bye Bye!

Voltage Musique has been a lot of things – a bunch of dreams, a vision, a collection of crazy ideas, a community and a home that also turned into a small business. We started back in 2003 with the first release. Our idea was to spread good music from fellow artists and friends, mostly artists who had never done a proper release before, just like us. “We can do that”, we thought. So we started to craft the vinyl. It was important to us that every vinyl was one of a kind, and we hand delivered them personally to the record shops. As the releases became more regular the attention increased, and we grew together with our artists. There were flops, small catastrophes, ray of hope and many learning curves. And then there was a little success, amazing parties, a lot of fun and numerous great encounters and friendships that developed and stayed over the years. When the digital age began, it wasn’t really our thing, but we made out our own path along it. For our label nights we wore the “V” with the lightning in the clubs. We made a clothing line with our own prints and were happier than little kids on Christmas Eve when we saw someone at a festival running around in one of our shirts. Voltage Musique became our home, our playground.
Today we are still all immersed in music. We founded new projects, new labels and new partnerships. Every one of us has specialized in an own field, and found his way in the world of music. At the same time Voltage Musique moved to the background. Our common playground got emptier and emptier, which made us reconsider our old vision. After 15 wonderful years one can of course be sad, but we don’t think you have to. It is only the end of a record label. The memories, the friendships, the music and everything else is still there. If you have been deeply involved in music once in your life, it will follow you wherever you go. We stay connected to each other and with you – as musicians, DJs, label owners, creative minds.
Our music will continue to be available in the online shops, vinyl stores and on Soundcloud and YouTube.

Thank you for the great time.
Andreas, Daniel, Markus, Stefan